Of Mice and Men

OF MICE AND MEN by Carlisle Floyd, based on a novel by John Steinbeck
Houston Grand Opera (2002)

Conductor: Patrick Summers
Cast: Anthony Dean Griffey
Designers: Richard Hudson
Choreographer: Denni Sayers

Bregenz Festival (2001)

Conductor: Patrick Summers
Cast: Nancy Allen Lundy, Peter Coleman-Wright, Anthony Dean Griffey, Joseph Evans, Gordon Hawkins, Douglas Nasrawi, Julian Patrick
Designers: Richard Hudson, Wolfgang Göbbel
Choreographer: Denni Sayers

The Washington Opera (2001)

Conductor: Karen Keltner
Cast: Michael Hendrick, Rod Nelman, Joseph Evans, Diane Alexander
Choreographer: Denni Sayers

Photographs courtesy of Clive Barda and the ArenaPAL photo library

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